Suzuki Programmer

Skylark has you covered with the Suzuki MX tuner for your new EFI Suzuki Off-Road Bike. Release the hidden power within on your EFI Suzuki.


  • No add-on boxes; no wiring to alter; no permanent connections to make
  • No bike dismantling required - simply connect to the bike's ECU via the connector
  • No possibility of adding potential wiring problems
  • No ECU mapping conflicts or additional processors trying to "trick" the original ECU
  • All settings can be saved to a tuning file; tested and uploaded again as required
  • The fastest, easiest tuning you will ever have done!
  • Essential tool for anyone racing these bikes
  • Easy to install and easy to use software

Software features at a glance.

  • Fuel Injection adjustment: -20% to +20%
  • -10% to +10% on 2010 and newer models
  • Ignition Timing adjustment: -2° to +2°
  • All ECU settings at 5 throttle positions vs 6 RPM ranges
  • Full database for riders, bikes and racetracks
  • Recall individual settings by track, track conditions, weather
  • Adjust individual parameters or upload new settings file
  • Print each settings file with bike & rider details
  • Intuitive coloured adjustment table - blue=lean; red=rich

Saved files include the following data:

  • All ECU settings for 5 throttle positions vs 6 RPM ranges
  • Bike VIN / Chassis No.
  • Bike Race Number
  • Rider Profile
  • Race course Date
  • Track conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Large notes field to record all information