FAQ Shipping to Skylark Cylinders

Please read the following frequently asked questions related to shipping your components.

Please remove everything possible from the cylinder including:
  • Head
  • ALL power-valve components
  • Gaskets
  • Locating dowels and pins
  • Headstays & nuts/washers
  • Power valve vent tubes
  • Clean Cylinder of Debris & Dirt Both inside and out.
Additional charges may apply if proper preparation and cleaning has not been done.
Please address cylinders to:

Skylark Metal Products LTD
163 Penmeadows close S.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2A 3S1
Please pack your cylinders carefully. We recommend wrapping cylinders in bubble wrap or crumbled packing paper. Please don't use air bags as they tend to pop and result in damaged cylinders. Protip: Newspaper works very well and is cheap! Please be generous in packing your cylinders & Pistons. Use a Sturdy box. Please tape box top and bottom to prevent box failure.
Please do not forget to place all your cylinder components in your shipment as well as piston info, return address and your contact information!