Services Skylark Cylinders - Replating and Honing

Skylark offers a full suite of cylinder replating and honing services.

If you have seized (hot or cold), damaged your cylinder wall, or just need a fresh start with your engine, Skylark Has you covered. With industry leading machines we are able to hone & replate just about any cylinder for your motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile & ATVs.

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Custom Industrial Honing

Skylark Cylinders can provide industrial honing services. Please inquire for more information.

Steel and Cast Iron Honing

Skylark Cylinders can provide steel and cast iron cylinder honing Services.


We replate cylinders using a nickel silicone carbide coating.

Weld Repair

Skylark Cylinders can provide cylinder weld repair.

Custom Honing

Custom cylinder honing to client specification.

Diamond Honing

Skylark Cylinders can provide diamond cylinder honing services.